About Cleveland Joe

Welcome to my new blog!

For those of you who have been following me for quite some time, you may know that I used to blog at thefrolickingfells.com for the past few years. When that blog was first established, Sheila and I had just gotten married, and the blog was initially intended to be a chronicle of our adventures and fun together as a married couple so that our friends. Over the years, Sheila and I would take turns writing about various topics, but the blog eventually fell by the wayside on life’s priority list. When I started my healthy living and running journeys in 2012, I wanted to have a platform on which to share about these topics, so I started blogging again without really thinking about whether I should start a separate running or healthy living blog. (Perhaps this was a reflection of some subconscious self-doubt that I had about whether I would stick with either endeavor for a long period of time?) When I first applied to be an Ambassador for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon in late 2012, I needed to put something down as my blog site, so I used thefrolickingfells.com, and it evolved into a full running\healthy living blog after I was selected to serve as an Ambassador for the 2013 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.

As time progressed, I decided that I wanted to make a switch to a domain name and title that related to the new direction that the blog had taken, but I was never really sure when the right time would be to do so. I also wanted to be able to make changes in the layout and format of the blog without needing to hassle my brother-in-law (who had originally created thefrolickingfells.com for us and who handled all of the technical elements of it) to do so. When thefrolickingfells.com domain name was to set to expire, I decided to make the change to clevelandjoe.com. Unfortunately, that domain name has had its 15 minutes of fame–and probably less than 15 total page views, because I never had time to post on it–and I’ve decided to transfer things to this site.

For those of you who are encountering me for the first time, allow myself to introduce…myself. (Although I am not especially old in the grand timeline of life’s continuum, I always feel my age when I use that line to introduce myself to my students and fewer and fewer students each year know the movie from which that quote originated!) My name is Joe. I’m a proud lifelong resident of Cleveland. I’m married to my beautiful bride Sheila, and we just welcomed our first child into the world on August 2, 2016 at 11:19PM. I knew that he was my son when he arrived on his due date but with minutes to spare! If anyone is intrepid enough to locate my old race recaps from the depths of the Internet, you’ll see that I rarely make it to the starting line of a race until the moment before it begins. I arrived at the starting line of my first marathon literally three minutes before it started, and I’m still grateful to the individuals who let me cut in line at the portapotty so that I would be able to start the biggest race of my life up to that point without wondering when I would be able to find a bathroom on the course.) In an abundance of caution that will probably prove to be classic first-time-parent-excess in the long run, I’m going to refer to him by his nickname of “Bear” rather than use his real name.

I’ve been running since June 2012. During that time, I’ve run four full marathons, five half marathons, and countless other races of varying distances. Running has been a life-changing activity–both figuratively and literally–and it has allowed me to develop self-confidence, improve my health, make many new great friends, and make many great memories across the miles. I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you!

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